About Me

Like many women, I dreamed of being a mother and was shattered to learn that would never happen. Cries from the Barren Womb recalls my journey of heartbreak, anger, frustration, and finally acceptance.  After years of deep sadness and purposelessness, I dug into God’s Word to see what He had to say about barrenness. I began to journal my thoughts and realized there were so many in my exact position. I hope to offer strength through my story and the stories of others.  Questions at the end of the chapters are meant to guide readers to internalize and understand their importance in God’s eyes.  You may feel, as I once did, that there is only despair but God has a unique purpose for everyone, regardless of whether or not they have children.

After years of working in the corporate world, I entered ministry in 2007.  My passion is for women’s ministry and I serve on the women’s ministry leadership team at Emmanuel Baptist Church where I currently work as a financial and ministry assistant.

I am the wife of Steve, who is Executive & Life Groups Pastor at Emmanuel.  God called him to full time ministry from the deserts of Iraq where he was serving as a Marine Corps officer.  He’s a former deputy and an amazing man who is my inspiration and encouragement.  Without him, my story would not end in victory.  I would be sitting in a rubble of emotion.