From Sara Reintsma on 9/18/12:

I am thankful for having the chance to read Cries from the Barren Womb. I appreciate author Julie Lortz and her willingness to be open and honest about her struggles and the work God is doing in and through her while she walks the long road of infertility. It is eye opening to read the testimonies of faithful families who have walked this same road and to realize that there are just as many differences between their stories as there are similarities. Cries from the Barren Womb, is not only a great resource for those who mourn about their own infertility, but also for their friends and family who walk the journey alongside them.

From Tami Jones, Women’s Ministry Director; Emmanuel Baptist Church:

Cries From The Barren Womb is an insightful reflection into the journey of women who want children but have not been allowed by God to have them.

Because Julie Lortz is willing to bear her soul, many women will experience the joy, spiritual freedom and divine identity that God meant for them to have no matter what their life circumstance. The principles that Julie shares in her book can be applied to almost any difficult situation.

Take this book read it and apply the truths. It can be a life-changing experience for you.

From Brandi on 7/10/12:

If you have ever even just whispered the prayer, “God, heal my broken heart for not being able to have biological children…” or something along those heart strings, you have found a friend in Julie Lortz’s book, Cries from the Barren Womb.  Julie takes a realistic, vulnerable, compassionate, and hopeful walk on what infertility has looked like for her and some of her friends she has met on her journey. This book is a companion to reassure you that you are NOT alone on this difficult journey…God is with you and for you & there are people that do understand & have walked in your shoes.

These testimonies help the spiritual and emotional struggle seem to be one that is able to be conquered.

From Jacqui Roybal on 7/2/12:

In Cries from the Barren Womb we meet author Julie Lortz as she invites us to walk some of the longest miles of her faith-journey. Like little girls so often do, Julie dreamed of marrying a handsome prince, and of having children. She indeed met and married her handsome prince, but the children would never come. She was crushed, angry, disappointed….and years of grey, aching pain followed. A funny thing about faith-journeys though, as she ultimately abandoned all to God, amazing things began to happen. For Julie, the end of a dream has become the beginning of a unique and God-given purpose!

From Heidi Paulson, author of Dependence Day :

In Cries From The Barren Womb, author Julie Lortz reveals the difficult journey traveled by many who long to have a child. Julie is transparent as she shares her pain as well as the stories of others who walk their own paths longing to be parents and seeking their place in God’s plan. Julie does a fantastic job of weaving these stories together and tying in scripture to illustrate how uniquely different each similar story is. She underlines how God uses each person and their circumstances to touch the hearts of others. This underlying message is beautifully stated on page 25 when she writes “Even then God had a bigger plan for what I had gone through, what I was currently going through, and what I would experience in the future. He had a magnificent plan for my story.” For those struggling with infertility, Cries From The Barren Womb is a message of hope. For those who know someone traveling this road, it provides a window of understanding. God surely does have a magnificent plan for this story.

From GHawkins on 6/15/12:

“Discover the tenderness of life when faced with the gripping reality that you cannot conceive a wanted child.  Ms. Lortz is passionate in educating the reader that she–and other women love children, even when she cannot experience the emotions of being pregnant. She illustrates her journey with biblical   truths and gives the reader numerous opportunities to see the wonder and grace of God.  Cries from the Barren Womb challenges you to look beyond the physical inabilities and focus on God’s charge in your life.”

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